Our Vision & Our Mission

Our vision is "A Sustainable World". We are on a mission to become the world leader in sustainable investment APIs. We believe in the power of a sustaianable world for our current and future generations. We are democratising sustainable investing and analysis

Our Story

It all started over a discussion during a quantitative hackathon. Dike, Sembian, David and Joy meet at the 2021 Quantitative Investment Hackathon. We decided to work together during the 20-hour hackathon to solve a meaningful global problem. After hours of brainstorm, we stumbled into the climate change crisis. We realised our EARTH is undergoing a severe destruction and we needed to act now.

Our 20-hour hackathon problem has been transformed into our life purpose, obsession and dedication. We are united with a belief in the power of a sustainable world for our current and future generations. We believe that a world where anyone anywhere can become a quantitative sustainable investor is part of the climate change solution. That why we are on a mission to become the world leader in sustainable investment APIs. On a day-to-day bases, we are helping shifting capital, resources and people towards a sustainable world.

Join us on our sustainable journey

We’re pleased that you are interested in joining ESG-API. We embrace diverse thinking at all levels. We look for those with entrepreneurial thinking. We give you the freedom to share fresh ideas and build real relationships. We also recognise and reward both vision and execution. We value intellect, initiative, problem solving and creativity.


For our comprehensive benefits, we provide high-quality benefits for our eligible employees in a unique, fun and collaborative work environment. Some of our benefits include: solving meaningful climate problems, working on innovative projects, personal & career networking, and lifetime relationships. We are investing in our people to further develop the talent of our people through training opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills


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