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Dive into Sustainability Investment Models & APIs

Our Services

Data Analytics

Use our developer-friendly API to interact with enterprise-grade financial market data consisting of timer-series stock data, fundamantal data, technical data, economical data and industry specific dataset.

Portfolio Analytics

Use our developer-friendly API to power your alpha generation, portfolio construction, portfolio management, risk management, reporting, trade management and ESG integration with best-in-class multi-asset portfolio model

Quantitative Models

Use our developer-friendly API to interact with a wide range of quantitative models - asset pricing models, statistical models, machine learning models, time series models, ESG models, investment prediction model, volatility models and much more

Platform Integration

Use of developer-friendly API to power your platform with our  seamless connectivity that allows your platform to automate business processes, and enhance sharing and embedding data between various application and systems in your platform

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our Models and APIs are designed, developed, tested and deployed to offer you a plethora of different intelligent and robust quantitative sustainable investment models and API. We have done all our models and APIs with a user centric and value centric mindset. We are offering a seamless and reliable integration of our models and APIs into your ecosystem.

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