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ESG-API – Our Golden Circle


ESG-API Golden Circle
ESG-API Golden Circle

Why: A world where everyone & everywhere can invest sustainably

How: We use quantitative techniques to power global sustainable investing

What: We create quantitative solutions for sustainable investing

Our “Why”: “A world where everyone & everywhere can invest sustainably”

ESG-API Golden Circle - Why?

Our “Why”: “A world where everyone & everywhere can invest sustainably”. At ESG-API, everything we do we believe in sustainability. We deeply and fundamentally believe that everyone everywhere across the globe can positively and should positively contribute to sustainable investing. Creating a sustainable world where individuals, businesses, communities can directly or indirectly engage in sustainable investing is why we wake up excited every morning. Sustainable investing is what keeps us going and going even when the going is hard and challenging. We are deeply passionate about transitioning the world to a more sustainable world.

WORLD for us means a global community. World means our clients, our stakeholders, and our people. We only work as a collaborative ecosystem. Everyone means individuals, communities, businesses irrespective of financial ability, education achievement, social-economic attainment, religion, sex, race, and disability. We are focused on everyone in the world. Everywhere means we think, we act and we envision with a global perspective. Our consciousness encompasses different cultures, diverse views, and accommodating differences. CAN means possibilities, potentials, solving problems, creating, impacting, and delivering value. INVEST SUSTAINABLY means channeling investment capital to sustainable causes. We engage and empower our community and our clients with sustainability.

Our “How”: “We use quantitative techniques to power sustainable investing”

ESG-API Golden Circle - How

Quantitative techniques mean we use quantitative analysis, quantitative models, and quantitative strategies to develop rigorous quantitative solutions. We applied Data Science to sustainable investing ranging from data analysis, data visualization, data analytics, and data insights. We use Artificial intelligence on sustainable investing - machine learning, deep learning, statistical learning. We work with advanced technologies to power sustainable investing – cloud computing, high-speed computing, microprocessors, and advanced technological breakthroughs.

Our “What”: “We create quantitative solutions for sustainable investing”

ESG-API Golden Circle - Our What?

What do we do on a daily basis? We are masters and are mastering the art of designing, developing, testing, and deploying quantitative solutions for sustainable investing. We pride ourselves on developing and launching end-to-end quantitative solutions. Quantitative solutions for us are centered around 4 solution pillars - quantitative technology solutions, quantitative business solutions, quantitative research solutions, and quantitative consultancy solutions. Quantitative technology solutions are all about creating technology solutions for sustainable investing ranging from models in technical notebooks, desktop applications, mobile applications, and web applications. Quantitative business solutions are all about working with businesses to create quantitative solutions ranging from quantitative business management, quantitative business strategy, and quantitative project management. Quantitative research solutions are all about deep-dive quantitative research. Quantitative consultancy solutions are all about creating bespoke quantitative consulting solutions

So, this is our golden circle explained, hope that was of interest to you. We think ESG-API has a pretty solid “Why, How and What” in place that helps guide us into the near future. However, we are fully aware it’s a “compass check” as to where we are right now, and we’ll be checking again within 6-12 months because of the phenomenal speed of changes in quantitative sustainable investing and technology advancement.

What do you think of our Golden Circle? We would love to hear from you and get you onboard on making our Golden Circle a reality

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