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The Sustainability Investment Models & APIs

Use our Models & API for sustainability investment analysis

Let Our API Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Use our innovative and inteligent API solution for data analytics, portfolio analytics, quantitative analytics, and seemless platform integration. Our API solutions is here to serve you.


Use our developer-friendly API to get access to enterprise-grade financial market data

Quantitative Models

Interact with a wide range of quantitative models for rigorous data analysis, data modelling and forecasting


Power your portfolio analytics engine with best-in-class multi-asset portfolio mode

Platform Integration

Enhance your platform by integrating with our seamless restful API connectivity 

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

The progress that sustainable investment has made in recent years has been stunning. It has gone from a niche investment style to a mainstream multi-trillion-dollar industry. Sustainable investing is surging. Between 2018 and 2020, total United States  sustainable investment AUM, both institutional and retail, grew by 42% from $12 trillion to $17.1 trillion.

Key challenges facing sustainable investing includes: poor access to trustworthy enterprise data, lack of rigorous and data backed quantitative models and increasing concerns of green washing. ESG-API is developing the world’s first comprehensive intelligent quantitative sustainable investment models & API engine. ESG-API helps clients focus on sustainable investments and analysis

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